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How Elevate Financial Solutions helped Elaine

By the time she was in her late 50’s, Elaine had accumulated slightly over $500,000 in her superannuation plan. With the knowledge that she was planning to continue working as a senior Human Resources Manager for another seven years we were able to implement a strategy that would provide her some limited access to her superannuation and at the same time, maximise her tax effective contributions to super.

By careful planning we were able to increase Elaine’s net superannuation position by over $10,500 each year that she continues to work until her retirement

How Elevate Financial Solutions helped Ken & Janine

Ken and Janine came to see Elevate when their youngest daughter was in her second last year of school. They felt they were always struggling financially and wanted to understand their current financial position and where they were heading.

Over a six month period Ken and Janine’s superannuation funds were aligned to their long term investment profiles and some additional funds were directed to super in a tax efficient manner. Elevate Financial Solutions drafted their ‘road map’ and used the half yearly Client Review process to measure success of the strategy, align their path with their destination and to introduce new directions for them to consider.

Ken and Janine now know exactly what they are doing with the money being freed up from Kimberley’s school fees. They have agreed to financial targets and the strategies to be employed, to allow them to enjoy a far higher retirement income than what they thought initially possible.

How Elevate Financial Solutions helped Luke

Luke had recently finished university and was now well and truly started on his engineering career. He was well paid, but very surprised how cash slipped through his hands.

Working together, through his budget, it became obvious that there was significant cash flow leakage. Building some budget discipline assisted Luke to identify ways in which he could generate a monthly surplus of $250.
In less than six months, Luke was able to commence his own regular gearing investment plan contributing $750 per month to his wealth creation program.

How Elevate Financial Solutions helped Nicole & Ryan

Nicole was faced with the sudden death of her husband John, after a short illness. Fortunately, three years earlier, John had implanted an Elevate Financial Solutions recommendation to increase his death cover within his superannuation plan.

As a result, Nicole has been able to pay off her large mortgage which means that she and her son Ryan are able to remain in their family home. Nicole also has sufficient funds invested for Ryan’s future school and university education.